Santarms wooden Buddha showpiece idol (20.5cm) - decorative spiritual vastu / office desk / blessing showpiece gift item , Religious gift item & murti for mandir / temple / home décor Gautama statue

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✔️ Wooden Buddha Head is amongst the most preferred religious gift items.

✔️ Due to its Appropriate size, and excellent finishing, this Hand Carved Wooden Ethnic Buddha Head Statue can be placed in your little

mandir/ study desk/ office/ car etc.

✔️ Lord Gautam Buddha’s contribution to teaching society the need to incorporate meditation into everyday life is undeniable.

✔️ He taught us that through deep meditation, a mortal body can attain Nirvana.

✔️ Nirvana is the state achieved after an arduous process enabling a human being to escape the circle of life and death/ sufferings/ worldly attachments.

✔️ It would not be an exaggeration to address him as the fountainhead of meditation.

✔️ This Handcrafted Wood Buddha Head Sculpture from Jaipur is ideal for those who practice meditation.

✔️ Having Lord Buddha Statue at the meditation place helps in visualizing our 7 energy chakras namely- Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura,

Anahata, Vishuddha and Ajna.

✔️ All these energy systems govern the human vessel. In ancient meditation, some people denominated it as Tantra Vidya.

✔️ It is said that a high-level meditation can awaken all our 7 chakras. And anyone who is able to do it can automatically connect to the

higher realms and other dimensions.

✔️ Cleanse your mind off of negative thoughts with the help of this Wood Buddha Head.

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