santarms Handmade Wooden Kamal Budda(7.5 cm)-Handmade Indian Sculpture Art- Lotus Sitting Blessing buddisim Idol

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This Handcrafted Wooden Kamal Buddha is a reflection of another phase of Lord Buddha’s life. After attaining enlightenment, Lord Buddha gave his disciples lessons related to the truth of life. The literal meaning of Buddha is- “An enlightened one”. Enlightenment is a state where the wheel of wisdom is fully awakened and the enlightened person begins to understand life and it’s complexity. The position in which Lord Buddha is depicted in this Handmade Wooden Kamal Buddha  is called- Vitarka Mudra. Here, we can see Lord Buddha sitting on a Lotus flower which means that Buddhahood is present in all walks of life. This mudra is performed by holding right hand palm faced forward and left hand index finger joined with the thumb symbolizing continuous flow of knowledge. The joined thumb and index finger also refers to oneness of the entire universe. The reason why Lord Buddha in this Handcrafted Wooden Kamal Buddha  is sitting on Lotus flower is to indicate Lotus as Knowledge and Truth. We all know that Lotus flower blooms in a muddy pond. Likewise, the process of attaining knowledge is never an easy one. There are sacrifices one has to make. Buy this Handcrafted Wooden Kamal Buddha online to find your store of wisdom/ energy/ courage/ compassion/ inner freedom.

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