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This Handicraft Rosewood Inlay Gita Updesh painting Wall Painting is made using termite-resistant rosewood. The base of this artifact has a beautiful natural grainy texture from the rosewood and has a smooth and shiny finish. This is wall mounted art piece beautifully depicts Lord Krishna blessing Arjuna with the Geeta Upadesh in their chariot during the Mahabharata. Hang the painting in a prominent place in your house like a living room, or anywhere you can constantly be able to see it. And each time you see the picture, may Lord Krishna inspire you to become righteous, uphold dharma, be truthful, and believe in god. This Handicraft Rosewood Inlay Gita Updesh painting Wall Painting is a good gift also for your friends and family to spread updates. Lord Krishna contributed this updesh and learnings to Arjuna during the battle of Mahabharata. The Geeta gives the eternal message of spiritual wisdom. This handmade painting is crafted from natural wood and without comical colors using pen nibs, fingers, and matchsticks. Mysore art is one of the world's oldest Wood Inlay arts and is an epitome of Indian heritage and culture. Go ahead and keep this handcrafted Geeta Upadesh wall painting where ever you want and you will get immense spiritual and material benefits just by having this in-house. Look at the picture, think of the love and mercy Krishna has for his devotees. He did all the best he could do to avoid the war.

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