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This  Santarms marble Laxmi Ganesh Murti For Diwali Puja Namaste Hand With Lakshmi Ganesh Murti Hand Carved Sculpture Hindu God Goddess Figure | Ganesh Ji Murti Lakshmi Murti With Embossed | Buy Now Santarms Marble Laxmi Ganesh Murti For Diwali Puja For Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Happiness, Relationship & Love | Best Ganesh Lakshmi Ki Murti For Diwali Puja Items | Place In Temple Ganesh And Laxmi Idol For Pooja Room | Ganesh Lakshmi Ki Murti For Diwali Decoration Items ♥ ♥ ♥

A work of art receives its most genuine honor when it succeeds in touching the feelings of its viewers. This Handcrafted Santarms Marble Laxmi Ganesh Murti For Diwali Puja Namaste Hand With Lakshmi Ganesh Murti Hand Carved Sculpture Hindu God Goddess Figure rightfully deserves your appreciation

Laxmi Ganesh murti for Diwali puja image has never looked this resplendent. This statue perfectly captures the divinity for which Laxmi & Ganesh is known. The white marble which has a slight Creamish skin-like tone of complexion makes the figure as live as possible. Sitting magnanimously wearing precious jewels on the full blooming lotus,  Ganesh Lakshmi ki murti will shower her blessings in your life through this Handmade Marble Laxmi & Ganesh murti. The lotus indicates prosperity. This is what Jaipur artists wish for you from the core of the heart. 

PLACE IDOLS: The idol of Lord Ganesh Ji murti should be placed on the left side of Goddess Lakshmi murti 

According to the scriptures, it is believed that it is auspicious to install a picture or idol of the third posture Lakshmi murti in the house, whereas the mother standing in the house should not be installed. Apart from this, it is considered auspicious to have an elephant or a pair of elephants with Lakshmi.

Try to make the idol face the East/North direction since this is where Lord Shiva resides and it is considered very auspicious. 

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