Santarms Handmade Wooden Kamal Budda | 21cm | wooden colour | Handmade Indian Sculpture Art | Budha Buddha Budda Siddhartha Gautama Statue | Lotus Sitting Blessing Buddhism Idol

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    ✅ This Handcrafted Wooden Kamal Buddha is a reflection of another phase of Lord Buddha's life.

    ✅ After attaining enlightenment, Lord Buddha gave his disciples lessons related to the truth of life. The literal meaning of Buddha is an enlightened one.

    ✅ Enlightenment is a state where the wheel of wisdom is fully awakened and the enlightened person begins to understand life and its complexity.

    ✅ The position in which Lord Buddha is depicted in this Handmade Wooden Kamal Buddha is called- Vitarka Mudra.

    ✅ Here, we can see Lord Buddha sitting on a Lotus flower which means that Buddhahood is present in all walks of life.

    ✅ This mudra is performed by holding the right-hand palm faced forward and a left-hand index finger joined with the thumb symbolizing the continuous flow of knowledge.

    ✅ The joined thumb and index finger also refer to the oneness of the entire universe.

    ✅ The reason why Lord Buddha in this Handcrafted Wooden Kamal Buddha is sitting on Lotus flower is to indicate Lotus as Knowledge and Truth.

    ✅ We all know that the Lotus flower blooms in a muddy pond. Likewise, the process of attaining knowledge is never an easy one.

    ✅ There are sacrifices one has to make. Buy this Handcrafted Wooden Kamal Buddha online to find your store of wisdom/ energy/ courage/
    compassion/ inner freedom.

    Product By Santarms®

    Product Features

    ✔️ Dimension:- (HxWxB) (21x11x3) cm, Material: Wood, Color: Brown.

    ✔️ Used For:- Handmade designs are used to give gifts, give you a rich experience of yourself for a corporate gift or festival and give your guests a royal impression. Clean with a dry cloth to remove dust.

    ✔️ The literal meaning of Buddha is - "One is enlightened". Knowledge is a situation where the wheel of knowledge is fully awakened and the enlightened person begins to understand life and this is complexity.

    ✔️ That lotus flower blooms in a messy pond. Similarly, the process of acquiring knowledge is never easy.

    ✔️ Brand:- Santarms®

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