Santarms Handmade Horse Candle Holder

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    The fascination for owning unique items holds the power to set us, humans, on unplanned journeys. While each and every country, the state has its special flavor which is impossible to locate anywhere else, Jodhpur is one city that offers to its admirers an unlimited ride of fun as well as an opportunity to look into what Indian Heritage is The master crafters of Jodhpur are popular for offering a wide range of Iron made home decor items and accessories. This particular Handmade Horse Candle Holder has been designed in Iron using a single piece of Iron block. After undergoing multiple processes of refining, the basic shape Horse Candle Holder is obtained. Once the shape emerges, detailings such as ears, tail, legs, neck, mouth, nose, etc. are carved using mini tools. Coats of rubber paints are applied in all different colors. This specific product has a Black base of rubber paint on which Yellow, Pink, and Green color detailings have been done. The neck and mouth of the Handcrafted Horse Candle Holder have also been done using the same technique. The overall look of the product is undoubtedly eye-pleasing. You can place it in any corner or center of your office, home, shop, etc.
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