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Udaipur Indian Handicrafts By santarms


The traditional Rajasthani form of carving enhances the beauty of the wooden crafted articles of Udaipur

The development of a nation widely depends on the culture of a nation. It helps to build up the prosperity and heritage of a nation. India is a diverse country, is blessed with a huge collection of art and culture. Folks, different kinds of embroidery, clothing, architecture, and sculpture resemble the artistic Indian culture which is famous worldwide especially from Udaipur, Rajasthan. Despite being religiously diverse, tradition and culture unite India. Indian handicraft products in their own way have globally created history due to their uniqueness.

Udaipur City
View OF Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the romantic places in Rajasthan. Palace, lakes, and temples in the city have given the city its unique charm. Not only lakes but their culture, tradition, folk dance, folk songs have added royalty to its heritage. Traditionally and culturally, Udaipur is the best place to find Indian handmade products. Popularly Udaipur is also called a treasure trove of Indian handicraft products. santarms organization makes sure that these Indian handicraft products gain their value in the market and help us reach the Indian heritage by providing these Indian handmade products online. The marble works of wall, carpet, fabrics, embroidery are very colorful and eye-catching.

The artworks here resemble the soft nature of the people in Rajasthan. Delicate handicrafts and stylish paintings are famous and one of the favorites among the Udaipur handmade products. The artisans depict the simple and day-to-day life of the rural and the tribal people of the city on the art forms they produce.

Udaipur handmade products are famous all around the world which includes the following:-

The small puppets depicting the traditional life of the rural people in the city are a real gem. The mirror works on the puppets which are showcased while playing are very attractive. The small puppets are actually the idols of the man and woman of society. The puppet men wearing Rajasthani kurta and pajamas and puppet women wearing the Marwari sari and ghagra choli decorated with the mirrors depicts the traditional folk dances of Udaipur. These puppets are highlights of the Udaipur handicraft products. santarms provides a great platform for these Udaipur handicraft products online.

The miniature puppets also showcase the animals and birds. Elephants that were used in the king’s procession were royally decorated with the best-embroidered carpets on the back of the elephant are perfectly shown by the artisans of Udaipur. The ‘Hathi howdah’ that is the elephant on which special arrangement is done on its back for the kings of the palace is also depicted by the artisans of Udaipur. The decorative castle-like structures are built on the back of the elephant. Not only elephants but camels are also finely and skillfully decorated. Various sizes of camels and elephant puppets which are colorfully decorated are famous among the Indian handmade products. Horses in different poses and decorations show the royal taste of the artist’s in Udaipur. Decorative tortoise is also attractively designed. The miniature of birds such as sparrows, pigeons, parrots, ducks, peacocks, etc. is favorites among the decorative Udaipurhandmade products.

Carpet paintings showcasing the life of the people of Udaipur filled with enhancing colors are breathtaking. Different color combinations are very attractive. The embroidery works, also the painting on the carpets is really beautiful. These carpets are famous among Indian handmade products. The craftsmen and women skillfully design the fine paintings on the carpets. These handcrafted carpets are available in various sizes. It resembles the royal culture of Udaipur arts.

Craftsmen of Udaipur are also famous for structuring beautiful and attractive wooden carvings. Many of the wooden showpieces attractively carved by the craftsmen are attractions of the people here. The book holders are wooden and are beautifully carved by the craftsmen of Udaipur. The traditional Rajasthani form of carving enhances the beauty of the wooden crafted articles of Udaipur. Book lovers all over the world are attracted by these kinds of Indian handicraft products whereas santarms helps people reach these Indian handicraft products online.

Aarti thali is a pooja plate decorated in a different way that attracts the worshipper in us. The worshipper of the artist is seen when every need of a worshipper is fulfilled by a pooja thali in Udaipur.

The pooja thali painted or decorated with floral carvings gives a heart-touch feeling to the pooja thali. The diya, a small bowl for Haldi kumkum, and a stand of joss stick called aggarbatti are attractively glued and decorated in the plate of Arti. The aarti thali is decorated with attractive but pleasant colors. The throne table normally called singhasan for our God idols is decorative. This handicraft item is famous all over the world amongst the Udaipur handmade products. Small square-shaped tables for keeping pooja thali or bhog that is bhojan for God are also creatively and skillfully carved by the artisans of Udaipur. These square-shaped tables are of various shapes coated with beautiful color, attractive designs are also painted on it mostly delicate floral paintings are portrayed on it.

Meenakari pooja chowki which is locally in Udaipur called baajot is one of the best handicraft items. The artisans use the meenakari painting form which flourishingly uses bold colors and is the best form of decoration. It is fine floral art that is used by the artists of Udaipur. The fine decorative flowers and leaf in the meenakari painting have their own charm and the boldness of colors makes it even beautiful. These chowkis are used while performing pooja as it is said that it has its own importance in performing a sacred pooja. Designer poojachowkis of silverware with meenakari work carved in it are also artistically designed by the craftsmen. Rectangular chowkis which are shorter than that of poojachowkis are also been crafted by the skilled artists of Udaipur. Similarly, golden carved chowkis are the designer pieces of the Udaipur handicraft products.

santarms is the organization that takes the initiative to promote Udaipur Indian handicrafts online and makes sure that Indian culture and its value in the global market prosper hand in hand. It also makes sure that the authenticity of the Udaipur handicraft items is also conserved.


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