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Rajasthani Blog by Santarms:

Rajasthani blog

Rajasthan is a land that is rich in art, culture, and heritage. Art in Rajasthan has survived and passed on through the ages from one generation to the next. Rajasthan art is world-renowned and in each Masterpiece, one can see the blend of skills of several dynasty influences, right from the ancient times to the present.  Indian handicrafts Products have been a fantasy treasured and valued by people in every nook and corner of the world. 

Rajasthan Handmade products have been in high demand over the years.  One such place where you can get good quality Rajasthani handmade products is at santarms. Just like its name denotes, this Seller of Rajasthani handmade products has been ‘touching hearts through arts’. They have preserved the uniqueness and originality of the art and culture of Rajasthan through the products that they sell. Each and every product is the Handiwork of artists and Rajasthani tribes from distant Indian villages. The santarms have preserved masterpieces of  Rajasthani artwork in which one can see the skills acquired from the ancient times and taught to the younger generations.

Rajasthani sculpture artwork:

 Rajasthani sculpture artwork began way back in the Mauryan period. The designs of each Indian handicrafts Products can be easily recognized. In addition to this, the different color stones that are used are an indicator of a particle area of Rajasthan from which it originated. In Kota, a slate is used; in Jalore, it is granite. 

Rajasthani art forms in different places of Rajasthan:

Rajasthan is a land of diverse art and culture,  There are several art forms like the Sangmarmar sculpture art and Meenakari are popular in Jaipur.  Picchkari is popular in Bilwara and Makrana.

Rajasthani artwork in stone sculptures:

 Rajasthani artwork can also be found in stone sculptures like that of Terracotta Idol forms. Molela, a place in Nathdwara in Rajasthan is popular for its Terracotta dolls and idols. One can also find handmade Terracotta horses in the Harji village of Jalore in Rajasthan. 

Rajasthani art and culture in blue pottery:

One of the top Rajasthan Handmade products are blue pottery which has been popular since the Turks and the Mughals invaded India. They introduced this art form in India and it includes a combination of Chinese glazing Technology and Persian art. Today, one can find this ancient art of blue pottery still preserved through santarms.

Rajasthani art in Ivory handmade products:

Rajasthani art and culture are also depicted in Ivory Indian handicrafts Products like jewelry, accessories, jewelry boxes, lamps, home decorations, idols of Gods and Goddesses, brooches that adorn dresses and suits. 

Meenakari art:

 Meenakari art can be found in abundance in Jaipur and it is world-famous.  The Meenakari art form was introduced way back in the year 1589 under the reign of Mansingh I. This Indian handicrafts art form is also found on glass and jewelry in Bikaner and Pratapgarh in Rajasthan.

Mat and carpet handmade products:

If you are looking for Indian handicrafts Products like mats and carpets, then you can find it all in Jaipur, Bikaner and the Salawas village of Jodhpur, Tonk, Bhilwara, Barmer, Shahpura,  and several other places in Rajasthan. They are known to be durable and of good quality, which makes it in high demand all over the world. 

How santarms have preserved Indian Rajasthani handmade products culture in the world:

santarms has preserved Indian handmade products, art, and culture of Rajasthan with its understanding of market trends as well as adopting the best promotion strategies. This has made people aware of the existence of such unique and timeless art pieces. In today’s ever-evolving Technology, machine Run, and industrialized world, people around the world have forgotten about the value of traditional art and handmade products. Due to this, skilled artisans are losing their touch and they choose other alternative ways of gaining income. 

santarms has revived these ancient art forms and handmade products and spread awareness about its availability in the market. In this way, santarms has helped to preserve the rich culture and art, as well as the skills and talents that have been passed on through generations since time immemorial. santarms has helped artisans to get the recognition that they deserve for their hard work, skills, talents, and traditional handcraft technique of their ancestors.

The demand for Indian Rajasthani handmade products outside India :

Countries abroad are interested in importing Indian handmade products as it is considered to be quite valuable, timeless and priceless. Handmade products are more recognized and appreciated in other countries like Australia, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Europe,  and other Nations. 

Handicrafts and artworks masterpieces are designed by ordinary local and skilled artists at a very cheap rate. It is then sold in abroad markets for a little more amount, yet it is considered worth the investment. Exporting such handmade products comes with huge profit margins due to the high demand in countries abroad. In Abroad countries, like that of Europe, Indian handmade products are sold in the open market and online portals.  

How Indians can make these Rajasthani Handmade products more famous:

We as Indians should understand the importance of preserving the uniqueness and value of the native handmade product in whichever way we can. Every small step that we take would make great strides towards promoting these handmade products in and around India as well as all over the world. 

 In Today’s world where most of the products are made in bulk and mass-produced, it is quite rare for people to exhibit their skills and be recognized through handmade products, arts, and crafts. It embraces human potential and helps to bring out the best of talents. These masterpieces of art are a reflection of several decades of tradition and culture passed down through the generations. Each is different from the other and volume can be said just by gazing at a single piece of artwork. 

It is important for us Indians to spread the word about handmade products and make them more famous. If each product is taken up by a local community or group of artisans for a long time, it can bring an entire City to new life and independence, instead of depending on others for their survival. It can make them self-sufficient and feed the rural and native masses. It will also encourage them to develop their potential and skills, with every new demand that is made for their products. 


Indian handmade products are soon becoming a trend not only in India but worldwide. It has given individuals a voice to speak out through their artworks and handmade products. If it wasn’t for these handmade products, most of us would not have even been aware of the existence of our diverse Indian heritage and Cultures. With every art piece, the artisans leave a part of themselves in it and take pride to exhibit their creativity.


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