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Carving handicraft Karnataka

Mysore handicrafts Need to buy, wooden gift items online

Mysore Handicraft product list
Mysore Handicrafts product list
Mysore Handicrafts product list

Mysore Handicrafts is a different type of craft. People make this by using their hands without using any tools. These products mostly use for decoration and also have regular use. These products of Mysore crafts have religious and cultural values.

They use woodware, metalware, scarves, leather crafts, scissor, stone craving, hand-printed textile, and other versatile stuff and also use household stuff pins, buttons, cans, plastic cups, and other things. For making Mysore handicrafts products, generally, they use raw material are from recycled waste. 

Most of the people always like to buy unique and quality handicraft products Like Mysore Handicrafts.

Which talent people have shown in these products, Santarms providing these products to the customers if it a requirement or they want.

Accordingly Mysore Handicrafts products are environmentally friendly. After purchasing you feel good, as a result it will not harm to our environment

Here are the top 21 list of Mysore handicrafts products

  • Hand-made Wooden Walking Stick
  • Handcrafted Wooden Bangle Stand
  • Mysore Handicraft Wooden Labyrinth Maze Set Of Ball Chakri Game Plate 
  • Crafted Wooden Lipstick Stand 
  • Wooden Handmade House Shaped Coaster Set
  • Multi-Tasking Woodcraft Handmade Tray Set
  • Handcrafted Wooden Bowl Set
  • Handmade Wooden Incense Box
  • Chess Board Game Handmade Set
  • Wood crafted Handmade Spectacle Holder
  • Decorative Handmade Wooden Box for Tea | Coffee 
  • Hand-crafted Wooden Chapati Box
  • Handcrafted Wooden Pencil Box
  • Handmade Wooden Jewellery Box
  • Beautiful Handcrafted Wooden Jewellery Box Antique

These are amazing and unique handmade wooden products that are finally available in santarms at a good price. These all are natural products, these products made without using any chemical and machine.

Artisans mostly use wood for making Mysore handicrafts products. 

About Mysore handicrafts

About Mysore handicraft
About Mysore handicrafts

Mysore is very famous for handicraft products because many people go there for shopping for Mysore handicrafts products.

Mysore handicrafts products are famous all over India. Here you will get the authentic product at a genuine price. 

The amazing thing is that you don’t have to go shopping there, Our website santarms.com delivers all these types of different products.

Here are the top 22 Mysore handicrafts products

santarms Mysore Palace 3d
santarms Mysore Palace 3d Process
  • Mysore handicrafts Palace 3D Showpiece with LED Lights Decorative 
  • Ganesha Moulding Figurine Ganesha Set 
  • Ganesh Moulding Figurine Ganesha Set Of 51 Idol
  • Ganpati Moulding Figurine Ganesha Set Of 101 Idol
  • Beautiful Mysore wood inlay Elephant Statue
  • Handmade Mysore Rosewood Inlay Gita Updesh Wall Painting
  • Handcrafted Mysore Laddu Gopal Makkhan Matki Wooden Painting Inlay Work
  • Radha Krishna Inlay Mysore Painting Work
  • Handicraft Ganesha Ji Wood Inlay Wall Mysore Painting 
  • Handmade 3D Rosewood Inlay Mysore painting
  • Gita Updesh Inlay Mysore Paintings 
  • Dancing Radha-Krishna Inlay Mysore Paintings with Wooden Frame
  • Mysore Wooden Quran
  • Teak Wooden Mysore Temple
  • Rosewood Mysore Elephant Statue
  • Wooden Elephant Mysore Statue
  • Mysore Handcrafted Solid Wood Keyholder
  • Handcrafted Solid Radha Krishna Mysore Wood Key Holder
  • Mysore Wooden Art Lord Krishna Jhula
  • Decorative Mysore Handmade Gandhiji charkha Mini Spinning Wheel
  • Baby Ganesh Ji Wooden Inlay Wall Painting
  • Radha Krishna in Vrindavan Painting 

Wooden items

Wooden items have unlimited varieties of design, the best wood for making any product is hardwood. In all category, you will find wood items.

Here are some kitchen wood items in Mysore Handicrafts

  • kitchen
  • Chakla belan
  • hot case
  • spoon/Spatula
  • tray
  • tissue paper holder
  • glasses
  • container
  • Grinder
  • bottle
  • Coaster
  • Bowl
  • species container

Here are some Mysore Craft wooden items for worship            

  • Idol /Figuring
  • Temples
  • Chowki
  • Jhula
  • Pooja Thali
  • Bell
  • Diya
  • Agerbatti Holder
  • Holy Book Stand

Here are some Home décor wood item

  • Flower Vase
  • Key Holder
  • Lamp
  • Table

Wooden Mysore handicrafts gift items:

The items for gifts which are Wooden carved are in trend when you give them to someone it looks unique and charming. Therefore Crafts from Mysore gift items will with you for the long term.

You can give the wooden gift to any occasion wedding, birthday, date, anniversary, engagement, and you can also give it to your teacher and boss.

Handmade wooden gift loved by everyone because wooden gifts are easy to clean.

Wooden gift come in variety and size which is available on santarms.com

Here are some wooden gift items 

  • Makeup mirror
  • Photo frame
  • Idol
  • Show Prices
  • Flower Vase
  • You can give Holy Book Stand to your grandmother


Hope you like our products which are available in the Santarms at a good price. Santarms always try to bring to you different types of products. Those are useful, beautiful, unique, and splendid. Therefore, If you like our products you can purchase them easily, no matter where you live.

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Santarms is a marketplace, which dedicated to working for Indian Artisan’s to promote Indian Culture and their handcrafted products.


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