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Jodhpur – Place of Indian Handicrafts

Crowned as the cultural capital of India, Rajasthan is known for its rich culture, fold majestic palaces, food, architecture, folk music, and handmade crafts. Jodhpur is the second-largest city of Rajasthan and is one of the country’s top tourist destinations because of its majestic stone-carved palaces, royal hotels, dazzling colors, handicraft market, and hospitality. Jodhpur has emerged as India’s largest handicrafts exporting city. Most of the handicraft items in Jodhpur are handmade and made using unique traditional techniques that add to the charm of the products. Because products are handmade, artisans create something uncommon, something unusual to each product attracting curiosity from buyers and therefore attracts new buyers from all over the world. Artistic wooden furniture, lifestyle accessories, exquisite Indian crafts, decoratives, giftwares, metalwares, woodwares, etc. are some of the most preferred products by domestic as well as international tourists.

Introduction to Indian Handicrafts

Indian Handicrafts

India has a unique place in the world because of its rich cultural diversity and heritage of centuries together. Due to their exclusive designs, high-quality workmanship, diverse colours, natural raw materials used, Indian handmade products have created a distinct identity globally. Indian Handicrafts have developed a niche market for themselves all over the world. Most of the Indian handicrafts items are handmade prepared in a traditional manner through techniques that passed on from one generation to another and methods that have stood the test of time. Indian handicraft products provide huge employment opportunities to artisans belonging to all sections of the society especially to the backward class. The industry offers employs close to 6 million. The value of exports by the Indian handicrafts industry contributes close to 1.5 % in India’s total exports. This industry has emerged as one of the important segments of the country.

The emergence of the internet and social media has led to an even faster growth in this sector. The internet has enabled thousands of artisans living in rural areas to offer handicrafts online. Now artisans do not have to worry about distributing the products. All they have to do is to list products on popular websites online. The online partners do the entire distribution work. This has led to an increase in employment opportunities in this industry.
Santarms aims to preserve and expand India’s rich cultural heritage by bringing the artisans spread across the country together on an e-platform and offering their products online to the world. santarms has collaborated with an immensely gifted and talented workforce of artisans and artisans hailing from different states of India to highlight their talent to the world.

Some of the popular Jodhpur Handicraft products are:

Wooden handicrafts

Jodhpur is famous all over the world for its high-quality hand-carved wooden artifacts. Numerous items that you need on a day-to-day basis made using wood in a highly creative and engaging manner appear in the markets of Jodhpur. Some among such wooden handicrafts that most tourist buy is a:

Wooden Elephant Low Table cum Stool:

Wonderfully Hand-carved and made using a wide range of colors, this low table cum stool acts as a perfect décor for your homes. The stool is a true piece of Rajasthani art and has excellent hand-painted artwork. This table is made using 100% superior quality wood has an excellent fusion of ethnicity and modern art. The table can be used in a school, living room, office, auditorium, and a host of other places.

Wooden Drawers and cabinets

Highly colorful wooden drawers and cabinets made using high-quality wood add to the charm of your room. You can brighten up a dull corner of your through these vibrant colorful wooden drawers. These drawers are a perfect blend of functionality and ethnicity. Numerous such products of different shapes, different numbers of drawers, and different designs are available to choose from.

Jewelry Boxes

Intricately designed, colorful wooden Jewellery boxes are the perfect place to store pearls and jewels. These boxes are hand-painted and have various compartments to organize your precious Jewellery in a proper and secure manner.

Table Coasters

Jodhpur market has highly innovative and creatively designed table coasters with vibrant colors on offer. These table coasters are part of a wooden animal like a camel or elephant so that when kept on a dining table, it looks like a piece of décor, thus combining décor with functionality again.

Decorative Flower Vase

Intricately carved and colored wooden flower vases add to the beauty of your living rooms. Such decorative flower vases are available in various sizes depending on the requirement.

Metal Handicrafts

Jodhpur handicraft products include intricately cut and shaped metals. There are various products of daily use that are made using metals delicately cut and shaped. Some among them are:

Jodhpur Handmade Candle
Handcrafted Candle

Candle Holders

To create a romantic environment for your dining room or to light up your living room, there are various designs of iron-made candle holders. Some such candle holders are pot-shaped, others are perfectly spherical while others are can-shaped. The iron on these candleholders has been cut in a highly delicate and intricate manner so that you get rays of the light coming out from different sections of the candleholder creating a magical atmosphere.

Metal Statues

For decorating your living room, iron cut, shaped and coloured in the form of peacock or any other colourful animal is a brilliant showpiece. In addition to animals, metal statues of Gods and Deities are famous all over the world.

In addition to the above-mentioned handicraft items, there are various other products from Jodhpur that are extremely appealing to audiences all over the world. Over the years’ Jodhpur has slowly emerged from a manufacturer of ethnic art and crafts to an exporter of artistic furniture, accessories like home décor, lifestyle, and handicrafts.

Santarms strives to bring together IndianHandicrafts Online in a highly organized manner enabling artisans all over the country to offer products easily. santarms aims to pass on the legacy of India’s rich culture and tradition by empowering the artists to offer their products on a global platform and gain recognition. The price range of the products listed at santarms is fair so that this exceptionally beautiful craft is preserved and promoted in the best possible way in India and globally.


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