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Jaipur – A beautiful pink City and art and crafts



Some of the famous Jaipuri Handmade Art and Craft By Santarms

 wrap_with_class=”no”]Jaipur is known as a pink city and one of the most glorious cities in Rajasthan. It is known for its rich culture and legacy. Since the time of maharajas, this Jaipur city has been one of the finest places that promoted arts and crafts Culture in the country. The forts, palaces, temples all tell the story of this exceptionally beautiful and opulent city. Jaipur is known for its handmade crafts while maintaining the authenticity of its traditional art forms. The Pink city is very popular amongst tourists and hosts every year an enormous number of foreigners from worldwide. The humble approach of the people here along with traditional hospitality approach makes this city famous. Jaipur has been frontier in preserving the authentic Rajasthan Art form and Handmade products.[/vc_column_text]

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Some of the famous Jaipuri Handmade Art and Craft are as follows:

1. Handcrafted Jewellery: Jaipur is one of the highest producers of gold, diamond and gemstones in Asia. The Handmade Jaipur jewellery are high in demand due to its exquisiteness and opulence. Since the Maharajas and Rajputs were very inclined towards jewellery the introduction of various precious and semi-precious stones was very evident. The Meenakari work on the Jaipur style of handcrafted jewellery is very attractive. The Meenakari work is done by the expert Sants and Artisans along with intricate detailing and finishing. The Kundan Jewelry from Jaipur is also very popular. Santarms brings to you the best amalgamation of traditional techniques and unique designs.

2. Lacquer Art and Craft: Making handmade products from Asian Lac tree is one of the specialities of Jaipur handicraft. The lacquer is used to make several handicraft items as well to make handmade jewellery. The Jaipur Nakkshi is done with the help of lacquer. The Jaipur Nakkshi is done on various surfaces and is renowned for its fine detailing and exuberant pattern work. 

3. Sarees: The Traditional Bandhej Sarees from Jaipur is very popular in this city. It is a traditional technique of tie and dye work to get the desired patterns and designs on the fabric. The bandhej work requires special expertise and good knowledge of fabric to get the best results. You can also find Jaipur block printing work abundantly in this city. The specific patterns are dipped into the type and then pressed on the fabric to get the desired pattern.

4. Hand Embroidery: The Hand Embroidered beautiful and creative designs are sure to mesmerize you with its beauty. The Hand Embroidery is done on the gold, silver, cotton or coloring threads by the skilled artisans. The elaborate  Jaipur Jari Work is also one of the specialties of this city.

5. Jaipur Puppets/Kathputli: The handmade Jaipur puppets or kathputli are an integral part of the Jaipur culture. This Kathputli is made by the expert Sants to reflect the originality of this exceptional folk art. The face of these puppets is made from the wood whereas the body is made up of cloth. The string is attached on the hands and legs of the puppets to give it desired movement. The Kathputli or puppets are widely used in Jaipur to narrate the story and interact with the audience.

6. Jaipur Metal Art: The koftgiri, brass engraving and bronze art is the forte of Jaipur. Koftgiri is an art of overlay done to give an artistic coat of other metal on your artefact.  It gives a very rich look to the object. The Handmade Brass engraving is done on the statues and decorative items. The brass engraving work is done to obtain specific floral patterns and textures. Santarms brings to you authentic Jaipur style Brass Engraved artefacts.

7. Blue Pottery: The Blue pottery from Jaipur is sure to enchant you with its beauty. It boasts the designs of birds, flower motifs etc. It requires years of experience and special expertise to get the blue pottery work done with precision. The blue pottery art objects are very fragile and should be handled with utmost care. Santarms uses the traditional approach to maintain the sanity of this art form and promote it in the Indian and International Market.

8. Miniature Paintings: The Jaipur Miniature Paintings are sure to create a wonderful ambience. These paintings are made from the natural colours, they are elaborative, made from semi-precious, precious stone or with powder of gold or silver. The sheen of these paintings is timeless. The use of fresh and vibrant strokes makes these painting most desirable and a must have. Santarms has the finest collection of exclusive Jaipur Handmade Paintings.

Jaipur is the art city with a variety of distinct handmade art and craft forms in it. It is also known for its lavish marble work. The marble handicraft objects and sculptures are very popular overseas. The Wooden art of the Jaipur is very exceptional with conventional designs and patterns. The engraving work on the wood is done with utmost precision and makes them must have. The handmade Jaipur carpets are made up of wool, silk, natural fibres etc. These carpets have rich designs and vibrant in colour.

Jaipur is nowadays gaining immense popularity due to its varied handmade products. Santarms Brings to you a wide range of Jaipur handmade products online. At Santarms, our motive is to promote Indian handmade art and crafts products in India as well as international markets. We aim at preserving the cultural roots and introducing distinctive art forms from some of the heritage cities such as Jaipur. Our contestant endeavour is to use conventional methods

while making these handmade products to ensure the wholesomeness of the art is maintained and unadulterated. Santarms preserve the handmade culture in India and make them available to the masses.



Santarms is a marketplace, which dedicated to working for Indian Artisan’s to promote Indian Culture and their handcrafted products.


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